Merit – January 2021
“Training with Beach Volley Ericeira has been the highlight of my week. All the coaches and players give great tips for improving volley performance, and everyone gets a ton of play time too! The vibe is great, the games are fun and the training is challenging. I can´t wait for the summer season 2021!”

David – December 2020
“Had the oportunity to join Ricardo Beach Volley class multiple times and it has been fantastic!
Great people arround with different levels and all happy to share skills and tips, top equipment, Ricardo speaks perfect english and is a down to earth guy, explaining and repeating as much as you need the instructions. It´s all very smooth, energetic, and positiv, you will be sweating for good in a awesome beach location!”

Sérgio – Dezembro 2020
“Practicing Beachvolley in Ericeira is being a great experience and Ricardo is a dedicated coach. I had an amazing time and love aa chance to practice this amazing sport.”

Patricia – November 2020
“Training with Beachvolleyericeira was a great experience, not only because i improved my technique in just one session but also it was so much fun and a great workout! Next time i´m in Ericeira I´ll join again! Thank you guys!”

Telmo – Novembro 2020
“Beach Volley Ericeira é uma excelente e divertida iniciativa para aperfeiçoarmos o nosso gosto pelo volley num ambiente dinâmico e descontraido, no melhor sítio de sempre – a praia!”

Federica – October 2020
“The beach volley trainings were led in such a professional way by an experienced coach who didn´t miss the opportunity to give technical personalized tips to each player troughout the session. The intensity of the workout was really good and the atmosphere was excellent during the games, both focused and playful at the same time.”

Margherita – October 2020
“I am a big fan of Beach Volley Ericeira and Ricardo´s trainings. He has a great coaching vibev and is 100% commited to learning and competition with loads of fun. I am happy to be an active part of his beach volley playing squad in Ericeira and to enclosure BVE trainings to Girl on the Wave surf camp´s sport activities!”

Rafaela – Setembro 2020
“Os dias que pude aproveitar os treinos com vocês beachvolleyericeira foram excelentes, didáticos! Vocês estão de parabéns, os treinos são os melhores, a atenção e a paciência com os alunos é cuidadosa. Obrigada beachvolleyericeira por bons treinos.”

Thomas – September 2020
“I came to Ericeira for several years ago and i am step by step discovering there is much more fun to do and experience here, than “just surfing”! I attended for the first time in my life a beach volleyball training. It was amazing! Ricardo is a trainer with patience and he manages to create a great group to have lots of fun and learn a lot at the same time! And what better setting than on the amazing stretched beautiful beach of Foz do Lizandro!!! I will keep this for sure in my sports and fun routine when in Ericeira! I can advice it to everybody! Do nost hesitate and try it out! You will get hooked!!”

“Superb first time experience playing beach volleyball, Ricardo was very patient and a great teacher, he even picked us up and back in. We had a great time and we will definitely go back for this experience”

Tiago – Julho 2020
“Saio de Lisboa para os treinos, sempre passo um bom pedaço do dia a jogar e a conviver com novos jogadores. Também levo as minhas filhas de 9 e 6 anos e jogamos em família, juntamente com os participantes.”

Daniel – Junho 2020
“Treino de beach volley completo e ambiente divertido na bela areia da Ericeira! Recomendo para quem gosta da modalidade e de desporto na praia!”

“Great game with Ricardo ! Despite of the weather (rainy) he managed to plan a fun and adapted match for me and my friends, and keep the group motivated !”

“Fun and great exercise for beach volleyball aficionados and/or those that like nature sports . Ricardo sets the net in a beautiful location, and it is mesmerizing playing and/or practice with such a beautiful background. A definitely a must for all levels of beach volleyball players, including those who want to start getting into the game. “Para quem gosta ou quer comecar a jogar vôlei de praia e um ótimo exercício ao ar livre. Ricardo coloca a rede no melhor lugar, e é uma experiencia inolvidavel jogar num cenário que parece de postal. Definitivamente, vale a pena, e o programa pode ser ajustado para todos os níveis de jogadores de vôlei de praia, incluindo aqueles que querem começar a aprender””


Grupo de Beach Volley Ericeira 🙌🏐🏖 Damos treinos/ aulas regularmente (3 vezes por semana) na praia dos Pescadores as 16h00. Inscreve-te aqui no Grupo, envia MP. Mais info actualizada no nosso website em e Instagram em @beachvolleyericeira