Pescadores Beach (Center)

Training at Kayak Bar

Praia dos Pescadores is the most central beach in Ericeira, 3min walk from the main Square (Jogo da Bola/ Praça da República).

This beach has an area dedicated to beach sports (in this case volleyball) and the responsability for managing the sports space is by Kayak Bar.

So we proudly partnered up with Kayak Bar for the regular training of Beach Volley every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday at 17h30.

In this amazing central spot you can have lunch, bring your friends and family and invite them to watch your Training Session as well as finish your workout and go straight walking to the center of the Vila for dinner/snack. Kayak Bar regularly have live music or other activities going on. Bar manager Nelson Jacinto will take good care of you along with an amazing staff, for your confort and orders.

Come and make us a visit here! Register for the Weekly trainings in this beautifull scennary.


Grupo de Beach Volley Ericeira 🙌🏐🏖 Damos treinos/ aulas regularmente (3 vezes por semana) na praia dos Pescadores as 16h00. Inscreve-te aqui no Grupo, envia MP. Mais info actualizada no nosso website em e Instagram em @beachvolleyericeira