BVE Head Coach

Head Coach of BVE

Ricardo Ribeiro, born in Lisbon in the late 70s, sports and travel lover. Living in Ericeira since 2018, after settling down decided to bring the beach volley into this beautifull Vila and share its passion with others.

After graduating in Marketing Managment in Uni, worked 10 years at the Public Health área, than moved into tourism (as consequence of an amazing journey as CouchSurfing power host and traveler) when back in 2015 was able to acummulate years of experience and open the first Authentik Guesthouse in Lisbon center.

Started playing voleyball at school, attending beach camps back in the 90s, than continued playing in the University team in the late 90s. Played in several teams in Lisbon´s amateur league and started coaching in 2009 in girls amateur competition, than more recently as an assistant coach for the national 3rd division. In the past 5 years the experience in coaching has been amazing, bringing so many new skills and re-inforcing the passion for this sport. It will lead to more motivation in attending new courses and taking the I level Coach degree very soon (as it was planned before the Lockdown).

Little before entering the crazy and unexpected Pandemic year of 2020, decided to lauch the foundation to the Beach Volley Ericeira (BVE) Project, started in South beach, than moved during late 2019 to Foz do Lizandro beach.

Now in 2021 the goal is to totally dedicate time to Training Classes, re-starting the experiences on the beach, evolve to offer Training Camps for colleagues international Coaches & Teams and continue to gather participants and friends in regular amateur tournaments and celebrate sporty/healthy human connections.

Coaching until sunset


Grupo de Beach Volley Ericeira 🙌🏐🏖 Damos treinos/ aulas regularmente (3 vezes por semana) na praia dos Pescadores as 16h00. Inscreve-te aqui no Grupo, envia MP. Mais info actualizada no nosso website em e Instagram em @beachvolleyericeira